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SchubArt Acrylics and Mediums available from ETH Canvas



SchubART has a long and proud paint history going way back to the 1950’s , when a husband and wife team of paint chemists emigrated from Germany to South Africa. Three years later a new paint company surfaced on the South African market. After many successful years of producing an extensive range of paints under the name of Shura Paints, SchubART was created in 1998 to satisfy the demanding and growing needs of the local artist community.

Only the finest quality raw materials are used in the SchubART range of acrylics. The pigments are chosen for their brilliance, colour development and light fast properties. A high level of pigmentation is added. Fillers are kept to a minimum and only used to create a desired effect. All pigments are non­toxic and have excellent archival properties. Binders of the highest quality are used in the manufacturing process in order to guarantee durability and protection of the pigments. SchubART Acrylics are formulated to give a high sheen finish, making them resistant to water and dirt uptake.

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