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Golden Open Acrylic Gel Matte 237ml available from ETH Canvas

Golden Open Acrylic Gel 237ml


GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss / Matte) and OPEN Acrylic Medium (Gloss / Matte) are formulated with 100% acrylic polymer dispersion and have been engineered to have the same optimized working time as OPEN Acrylic Colors, making them ideally suited for use with this line of paints. Like OPEN Acrylics, OPEN Mediums will also stay wet on the palette for extended periods without skinning over. OPEN Mediums can be used to extend paint, regulate transparency, create glazes, increase gloss, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity. OPEN Mediums are fully compatible and may be blended with most other GOLDEN Acrylics, Mediums and Gels, with the open time of the resulting mixtures being proportionately reduced.

OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss / Matte) is supplied in the same consistency as OPEN Acrylic Colors and is used to extend the paints while maintaining working properties.

OPEN Acrylic Medium (Gloss / Matte) is formulated to a lower viscosity than OPEN Acrylic Colors and is used to maintain properties when a more fluid mixture is desired to increase flow

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