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Our Story

Established in 2001 by its founders, Charles and Sheila Nott, ETH is now owned by their daughter Bronwyn and her husband, Gregory Macklin.

As third-generation fine artists, we are leaders in our industry, and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise - providing not only a premium, bespoke product, but a 'meeting of the minds' when it comes to what you are looking for in a canvas.

We utilize our extensive experience to provide our artists with the highest available quality, and service you can count on.

Charles Nott founder of ETH Canvas

Our Family

Charles and Sheila Nott founders of ETH Canvas

Charles & Sheila Nott


ETH was founded in 2001 by the late, great Charles Nott. His wife, Sheila, currently lives in Somerset West, and consults for ETH.

Henry George ETH Canvas
Henry George ETH Canvas

Henry George

General Manager

A familiar fixture and beloved stalwart, Henry has is invaluable to the smooth running of our production line.

Adored friend and trusted advisor to us and many of our artists, Henry has been with us for 20 years. 

Marlon Bosch ETH Canvas
Marlon Bosch ETH Canvas

Marlon Bosch

Master Stretcher - canvas

(Class "A")

Highly qualified and experienced, Marlon's speed and neatness when stretching canvas is legendary. His precision beyond reproach.

Marlon has been with ETH for the last 20 years.

Bronwyn Macklin ETH Canvas

Bronwyn Macklin

Managing Director

Owner and Managing Director, Bronwyn Macklin is Charles and Sheila's daughter and runs ETH with her husband Gregory.

Desmond Baadjies ETH Canvas
Desmond Baadjies ETH Canvas

Desmond Irvin Baadjies

Master Stretcher

- paintings, prints & fine linen

(Class "A")

Desmond's skill is unparalleled. He boasts a reputation for being one of the best stretchers in the industry, and has an extensive portfolio, including a Dali original

Desmond has been with ETH for 18 years.

Simphiwe Dola ETH Canvas

Simphiwe Dola

Master Primer (Class "A")

Uncompromising on quality, detail and perfection, Simphiwe is responsible for achieving the signature canvas texture that ETH is famous for.

He has been with ETH for the last 5 years.

Gregory Macklin ETH Canvas

Gregory Macklin


Sydney Hoko ETH Canvas
Sydney Hoko ETH Canvas

Sidney Vuyani Hoko

Master Machinist

(Class "A)

Master craftsman and highly skilled artisan, Sidney is an expert machinist who assists with the cutting of our signature ETH stretchers and frames.

Sidney has been an essential part of our team for the last 15 years.

Lieutenant 'Lefty' Lubalalo ETH Canvas

Lieutenant ('Lefty')


Machinist (Class "A")

An artist in his craft,

our original Master machinist, 'Lefty' was and always will be part of our very foundation

Lefty was with ETH for 18 years before he sadly passed away in 2019.

[29.04.1975 - 01.11.2019]

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