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Supports - Strainer & Stretcher frames

The terms 'strainer' and 'stretcher' refer to the support (timber frame) around which the ground (canvas) is stretched. 

A strainer is a frame where all the corners are fixed and isn't adjustable.


Stretchers are slip -joined (they have splines that slip together) and can be adjusted by driving wooden wedges (a.k.a 'chocs' / 'keys') into the splined joints to tighten the canvas. 

Both are available from ETH Canvas - beautifully hand-crafted from imported, knot-free, kiln-dried obeche timber. All our supports are rebated, so as to prevent the canvas from touching the frame, and where crossbars are fitted, a 7mm beading installed as necessary to lift the canvas away from these. All our supports carry a lifetime replacement guarantee against warping. Available in profiles from 23mm - 100mm.
For canvas, paintings, fabrics, prints etc.

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