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Derwent Metallic Paint Pan Set

Derwent Metallic Paint Pan Set

SKU: 2305948

Derwent Metallic Paint and Pencils contain shimmering metallic colour, which are outstanding when applied to both light and dark paper. This highly reflective colour range offers a wide spectrum of colour. The Derwent Metallic Mixed Media Set includes a curated range of six shades of paint and 12 pencils that work together beautifully to create a full spectrum of rich, metallic colour. Learn how these mediums can interact with each other, by using the pencils as an outline or on top of the paint once dry. Suitable for a range of fine art or craft projects. Contains six Metallic paint pans, 12 non soluble Metallic pencils and a waterbrush, all presented in a beautiful gift box.



  • Derwent Metallic pencils have a soft core which will blend and layer easily, use for finer details over or as an outline to the paint when dry.
  • Derwent Metallic paint contains shimmering metallic colour. Apply in creamy opaque strokes, build up layers of shimmering colour.
  • Create highly reflective, striking effects on both light and dark paper.
  • Ideal for a range of fine art or craft projects.
  • Set contains, 6 paint pans, 12 pencils and a waterbrush in a presentation box.
  • Colour Palette: Paint - Silver, Sunset, Lime Gold, Red, Blue, Green. Pencils- Silver, Graphite, Bronze, Gold, Yellow, Silver Mint, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver Rose, Red, Rose Gold.
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