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Coloursoft Pencils Wooden Box 72 Colours

Coloursoft Pencils Wooden Box 72 Colours

SKU: 701031
Derwent Coloursoft is our softest pencil ever and for this range we created 72 vibrant colours. As their name implies they have a really soft texture which brings out the richness of the colour that, together with their nice wide colour strip, allows you to build up colour really quickly. So, if you like doing bold still-life drawings or contemporary landscapes then Derwent Coloursoft is the range for you. Contains the complete range of 72 Coloursoft Pencils presented in a beautiful wooden box. FEATURES: A NEW range of 72 smooth, velvety colour pencils; With a large soft colour strip for the quick and easy lay down of solid blocks of colour; Can be mixed and blended to create an infinite spectrum of rich vibrant colour; Ideal for a wide range of drawing styles; Lightfast tested and acid free
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