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Chameleon Fineliner Nature Colours Set of 6

Chameleon Fineliner Nature Colours Set of 6

SKU: FLO0602
Chameleon Fineliners have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen and in the cap! To instantly blend colors all you have to do is switch the cap, or hop the top to another pen, leave it a few seconds and make vibrant color to color blends! Write, draw and color like no other! Ideal for writing, coloring, doodling, and drawing. Perfect for bullet journals and planners as the ink won�t bleed through most papers. Features a fine point Japanese precision 0.3mm metal-clad tip for super smooth writing performance. Ergonomic design. Water-based, dry safe ink. Won�t bleed through most papers Contains 6 Chameleon Fineliner pens that create 16 color blending combinations OL3 Olive Green GR4 Evergreen NU0 Sand BR1 Taupe BR3 Cinnamon BR5 Bark
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