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Derwent Graphitone Water Soluble Mixed Media

Derwent Graphitone Water Soluble Mixed Media Pack

SKU: 0700662

Amazing! No wood casing just pure water-soluble graphite in a stick! There are so many things you can do with Derwent Water-soluble Graphitone; you can use it like a pencil but the real fun begins when you peel off the wrapper!

  • Features

    • The perfect introduction to Derwent water soluble Graphitone ranges
    • Pack includes a pencil shaped stick of artist quality water soluble graphite and blocks of graphite
    • Use the pencil in a traditional fashion or break off chunks of graphite
    • Graphite blocks are 8mm square x 75mm long with impressive covering power
    • Pack includes 2 Water Soluble Graphitone, 2 Graphic Pencils, 2 Graphite Blocks, plastic eraser and sharpener
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